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Why Eat Vegan?

Vegan diets are being hailed as the health heroes in recent years. They are richer in nutrients, can support weight loss, help lower blood sugar levels, lower the risk of heart disease, can reduce arthritis pain, as well as help protect against certain cancers. Incorporating vegan meals into your menu is part of preventative healthcare and keeping you on the track to better overall wellness. 

Why SoulCountry Vegan?

In today’s prepared food market, it’s difficult to find meals that are quick to make and still hand-crafted with real ingredients. Add plant-based into the mix, and a family to feed, now it’s like searching for the elusive purple elephant. Almost everything in grocery stores is processed and packaged for individual use. This is what sparked the creation of SoulCountry Vegan! We offer something for families that is homemade with clean ingredients from our veggies to our water to our cookware. We make sure what is going on your plate is food without the added chemicals. We are 100% plant-based and frozen for your convenience so you can pull out what you want, when you want! If you are looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet without all the time and dishes involved, you are in the right place!

This food is amazing and flavorful. I highly recommend the rice and bean burritos and the egg rolls! Tonight’s dinner showed me that eating Vegan is not only healthy, but it can also be delicious, and it doesn’t have to hurt your pockets! The food comes ready to freeze for meal prep, or you can just throw it in the oven and enjoy on the spot. I will be ordering again very soon! Amazing food!! Coming from a non-vegan, this food did not miss out on anything. Well done and thank you!
DeLea J.
I've been vegan for a bit over 2 years now and taste testing up and down the east coast 🤣. My BFF fed me and my children from SCV. The food is A++. We had the crab cakes, the bean and rice burritos, and the egg rolls. My son loved the crab cakes that he had. I liked everything so much and will definitely be placing an order to pick up in advance next time I'm passing thru the area. "On point, on point, on point!!!!!
Destinee S.
Thank y’all so much for the delicious food, prompt & professional customer service. I’m pescatarian, love my seafood. The crab cakes are amazing & I feel like I’m not missing a thing, slightly obsessed. They have a friend in me, definitely will be ordering again. Continued blessings SCV.
Aly R.
I have been ordering the egg rolls and I ran out and bought the vegetable egg rolls from the supermarket and oh man they were horrible in comparison !! So I'm going to make sure I'm stocked from now on...🤪
Roseanne F.